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Where to Eat Vietnamese Food in Towson

Many people think that American food only consists of junk food. However, you can also find other food, such as Vietnamese food. Vietnamese food is very famous in the USA. After the Vietnam war, many Vietnamese people came to America. There are lots of Vietnamese restaurant in USA. Americans also enjoy eating Vietnamese foods. We will introduce Vietnamese food and a restaurant where you can go easily around Towson University.

1). Summer roll
It is rice paper mixed with meat, vegetables, egg, fruits, and shrimps. 

2) Rice noodles (pho)
It is rice noodle mixed green bean sprouts with beef, pork, chicken soup. you can choice as your taste.

3) pad thai
It is  fried noodles that get joined in sour, sweet, salty taste.

4) Vietnamese fried rices
It is fried rices that mixed with  shrimp, beef, chicken, vegetables and special sauce.

5) Chicken & veggie

H6. Get it. 
Stir-fired chicken breast with fresh mixed vegetables.

 The restaurant that we recommend in Towson is Pho Dat Thanh.
There are many delicious foods. we will recommend best menus.
1) Broccoli Stir Fry $12.99
2)Glazed Salmon $12.99
3)Grilled Jumbo Shrimp $12.99

4. information about Pho Dat Thanh.

510 York Rd
Towson, MD 21204
Near the intersection of York Rd and Shealy Ave
(410) 296-9118
Today:11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm

Travel in Washington D.C.

 Do you know where the capital city of the U.S.A is? Have you ever been there before? About 2 weeks ago, we went to the capital city of the U.S.A. It is Washington D.C.!! In Washington D.C., there are lots of tourist attractions to go to. As you know, there is the White House! Also, there is the United States Capitol, Martin Luther King Junior National Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc. Now we will introduce some good spots to go to.

 Lincoln Memorial

 When we went there, we saw the huge Lincoln Statue. It is magnificent. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest president in America. On the left side of the Statue, there is the Gettysburg Address. On the right side, there is a part of the Inaugural Address that he said when he became president the second time. 

Smithsonian Museums

 Smithsonian Museum is one of famous museums in the world. Smithsonian includes many museums such as American Art Museum Portrait Gallery, African Art Museum, American Indian Museum, etc. You can see various exhibitions in there, so we will introduce two of them that we think the best.

National Museum of Natural History

 This museum is our favorite museum in Smithsonian. The museum is full of stuffed animals, plants, rocks, fossils, etc. These things are enough to attract us. We are interested in Hope diamond, Mammoth and Whale. We introduce about Hope diamond little. It is Blue diamond that was donated by Hope. So it called Hope diamond. If you see it long time, you will be unfortunate, believe or not.

National Air and Space Museum

 This museum is the biggest air and space museum in the world. If you want to go to the moon, you must go here. In this museum, you can touch a small piece of moon. There are many exhibitions about air and space. So if you interested in air and space, we highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading our post about Washington D.C. We hope this will help you, when you visit Washington D.C.!

Ha Jung Kim (Helen)
Soyeon Park (Jenny)
Ji Yoon Park (Juny)

Our Favorite 5 Places in America

Hello! SIM 2 students went to many famous places during our program.
Our names are Eunjin Chun, Huikyoung Park and Seoulgi Lee. We are Korean students and during the program, we traveled to many places. So we want to share our experience with you.
Among many places, we picked up 5 places where we think most memorable. 

1. Lincoln memorial
On July 30th, we traveled to Washington D.C. 
We went to the White house, the Lincoln memorial, The Smithsonian and so on.
The Lincoln memorial is located in West End of National Mall, Washington, D.C. 
It was one of the most impressive places for us.
The Lincoln statue is magnificent and meaningful in that Lincoln statue is located facing the Congress so that Lincoln can observe the policy of America.
Also, it was impressive that Martin Luther King made a speech "I Have a Dream" in there.

2. LOVE park in Philadelphia
On August 1st, we visited Philadelphia.
LOVE park is located in center city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In there, one couple took a wedding picture and it was so beautiful. 
Also, we played in the fountain behind a LOVE statue. It was fun :D

3. Governors island
On August 9th, we had a trip to New York.
Among many places in New York, Governors island was most peaceful and quiet place.
It was not a big island, but we could see beautiful scenery of nature across Manhattan.
Because the Governors island was a military district for  200 years, nature is well conserved and there is a great fortress. We also met a flute player wearing American traditional clothes.

4. Talmar Gardens
On August 6th, we went to Talmar Gardens to help with farming.
Talmar Gardens has a lot of land and they grow lots of organic crops.  
During the day, we planted pumpkins and watered them. Also, we harvested some berries and tasted berries. Especially, ground cherry was so sweet. 

5. Six flags America
On a free day, we went to Six flags by ourselves. We arrived at 9:30 a.m and waited an hour to enter. Fortunately, there were a few people so we could ride all of roller coasters in there without waiting. Especially, Superman and Batman were one of the most exciting attractions for us. So we rode Superman 3 times! It's fun and we really enjoyed that day.

Thank you for reading our posting and hope you have a great day :)

The Best Restaurant in Towson

     The Best Restaurant in Towson:
  The Green Turtle

Hello! Our names are Imran, Tae Ho and Kyung Keun. We are from Turkey and Korea. We are interested in finding some delicious restaurants in Towson while we are here. So we were going around downtown Towson and found this place. Finally , we found that many of people visit this place for dinner.  When we went in this place, we could feel an active atmosphere. So, when we drank beer & ate some food in here, we felt that we were alive and excited. If you go there before 6PM, you can get 2 drinks for the price of one. The Green Turtle's employees are so kind and the cost that you should pay for your dinner is reasonable. So we hope that you read this information and visit this place.

There are various foods , beers , cocktails and wines.
There are many kinds of alcohol like domestic beer and imported beer.

Some foods in this picture is buffalo wings , pork tacos and crab soup made with cheese & bread.
These taste very nice. We can smell sea , sky and ground. That's why we ordered chicken for sky , pork for ground and crab for sea. So we can enjoy all of the food in "Green Turtle".

This alcohol is "MOJITO".  This is made up with lime , mint leaf and Rum. This alcohol is a little bit strong, but it tastes very good and fresh.

This place is the rooftop in "Green Turtle". If you go here , you can enjoy your beer with an awesome view.
It's view is very nice and cool. So we highly recommend you visit this restaurant!

- Written by Ismail Imran Sonmez ,  Tae Ho Hwang , Kyung Keun Seok